Fishermen tales

– We pick you up in Nynäshamn harbour with a mini-van. The ride to Yxlö takes about 20 minutes.
– After arrival we take a 5 minute walk down to the boat house “Ål-in bar”.
– You will learn about the history of the island Yxlö.
– The terms of the fishermen, now and then.
– Follow along with a big life boat to watch the fishermen empty a fish trap.
– A light lunch consisting of belgian waffles with creamy smoked salmon paste, soft drink/water, coffee/tea with a home baked cookie.
– After the event we’ll drive you back to Nynäshamn harbour.

  • The life boat is attached to a wire and pulled in and out wich means no engine is needed.
  • Life jackets will be available.
  • Everybody gets a goodie bag to take home.