Yxlö Tours Terms and conditions, booking and cancellation

The Customer is the person – juridical or physical – that makes the reservation of the event and is liable for the payment. Yxlö Tours is the company responsible for the event. If no other written agreement exists between the Customer and Yxlö Tours , these terms and conditions will apply.

Booking and payment

Private customers pay the full price in advance no later than one week before the event.


If the private customer cancel the booked event less than two weeks before the date of the event, the Customer compensates Yxlö Tours for 50 percent of the paid price. If the event is cancelled less than one week before the date of the event, the Customer compensates Yxlö Tours for the full price.


All stated prices are inclusive 25 percent VAT. If the event for any reason, caused by the customer, is delayed, Yxlö Tours standard prices per hour will apply.

Force Majeure

All reasons out of Yxlö Tours control gives Yxlö Tours the right to terminate the agreement. For problems where the cause is Yxlö Tours responsibility (for example machine breakdown) Yxlö Tours will repay the portion of the price related to Yxlö Tours part. Third party cost are not replaced.